Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Baking and rainy days

If you need to buy a cake, any sort of cake...ask me and I will point you in the right direction. I know the best cake shops on the Sunshine Coast from Caloundra to Gympie.  
There is a good reason why I know them all...because I can't bake! so I buy cakes from all over the place to take to work, birthdays, dessert, mother's group...
But yesterday while doing the shopping I got inspired, I said to myself: 'Ana, sure you can do this'...and I bought a box of cake mix. Not one of those that you only have to add the eggs, milk and butter...NO!. I took the 'next level' cake mix where I also have to add bananas... (Banana Bread mix)
This morning under the cover of darkness...well, not too dark but while the family was still asleep I decided to give it a go so if it didn't work I could hide it and pretend that it didn't happen...
Here it is how it went:
- Preheat oven...tick!
- Mash bananas...tick!
- Milk, eggs, butter and mix...tick!  (so far looking good...)
- Mix with a wooden spoon until combined...tick!
- Put batter into prepared loaf pan... Mmm...(let's read that again)
- Put batter into prepared loaf pan...what 'loaf pan'??? I never knew about that!...
too late now... so anything will do at this stage, by 'anything' I mean the roasting pan with some baking paper in it...

The banana bread ended up looking more like a giant biscuit I cut it in three long pieces to look more like the real thing.
Ufff...mission accomplished!


  1. I think you are ready to make the banana cake without the packet mix! It looks delicious and I love the free form look of it!

    1. If I only knew what's in the packet...!!! ha,ha
      I will have to google it!