Friday, 27 July 2012

Going camping

I love going camping, in fact I love it that much that I make sure we go at least once every 10 years...
Unfortunately, the last few times that we have atempted to go camping I have ended up renting a house next to the beach instead. So, this time I am determined to do the real thing and demonstrate that I am an excellent camper.
To make sure that everything goes according to plan, I have borrowed a portable cot/dome for Zane and we have been practising at home to make sure that he is used to it...

We have also borrowed soft racks for the car so we can take the surfboards and leave enough space in the car to take all the baby's gear (sterilizer, nappies, formula, bottles, numerous changes of clothes,creams, few dummies, blanket, sleeping bag, some toys, say few of the basics. I know that in some countries babies don't need all these, but in my house they do... it is not about the baby, it is about me!
There is just a little problem; we don't have any camping gear anymore, I have to buy everything... but that's not overwhelming, it's going to be fun!

(24 hours later) Well...10 minutes after entering a camping store I change my mind (it's not going to be fun spending hundreds of dollars on things that I am only going to use once every 10 years) so I decide that since it is winter and we are travelling with a baby, it is acceptable to rent a cabin in a camping ground or holiday park, at the end of the day what it matters is the hot marshmallows under the stars...

(8 hours later)...these cabins cost hundreds of dollars! I can't believe it... we are talking 'camping' here...mid week get away in the middle of winter. Probably it is going to rain and let's face it: NO hot/cold buffet for breakfast and NO sauna or hot spa waiting at the end of the day... What's the point of spending so much money to live the 'simple life'? I am starting to have flashback of me organising camping trips the past years...

...mmm...that just gave me an idea for our camping trip:

Level 1-Surf Break
Level 3-Hot /Cold Buffet for breakfast
Level 5-Sauna & Spa
Level 7-Room with views

As long as we can check the surf from bed, the surfing break is less than 100 meters away and we can go to and from the room without having to change... that's what I consider 'camping'...
(Three days later): looks like bonding time will have to be in the water instead of around the camp fire...

(Five days later) The camping trip went well... nice weather and very relaxing indeed!


  1. Sounds like a plan. I also go camping my head and I think about it. And then, where was the holiday. Sounds amazing, come to Darwin no surf but there are crocodiles and waterfalls and wide open spaces and not many people, and ocean view and ants nests and hot tropical weather and amazing food and multi-cultural people and where is 5 days later? FANTASTIC blog, good on you and nice to see your babies and your eldest. xxx

    1. Hi Rena, good to hear from you! I would love to come to Darwin...Are you going to stay there for a while? when is the best time to be there (not too hot and not too wet)? any good campsites? (I mean with the buffet and spa...ha,ha)

    2. The place we went was Green Mount (between Snapper Rocks and Kirra) Gold Coast...perfect for surfing!
      We were staying at Green Mount Resort. A classic old place just there

  2. sometimes it just doesn't pay to go camping. Your option looks much more comfortable and enjoyable!

  3. You know me, Love my Camping!! But your post is funny, and I think you made the right choice!!!