Saturday, 14 July 2012

Velcro... or hot glue gun?

When I was younger I used to fix everything with the stapler... maybe not everything but lots of things. In fact, not too long ago I was still doing the hems and turn-ups with it.
But now I am a mature woman so I fix everything with velcro or with the hot glue gun... or both at the same time because the other day I used the glue gun to attach the back of the vecro into some material so no need of sewing, how clever is that! ...yes I know: ...very clever!
The problem is that if after using the glue gun I don´t put it away... I start gluing things impulsively.
This morning I decided that the day could not go on unless I fixed Zane's 'fish tank' toy (well...the fish tank was not really broken...but some of the water had managed to evaporate over the past eight years) yes I said eight years... It was Zac's fish tank toy.
Nobody else had noticed that the water level was low... but probably nobody else had noticed that the hot glue gun was out either...
I had this idea that if I pulled the toy apart and I could find a soft spot to pierce a hole with a seringe into the water compartment...then I could inject some water in it,  take away the same amout of air to avoid too much pressure and then fix the hole with the hot glue gun! ...
Two minutes later the 'not broken toy' looked like this:

I took the picture to 'show off' my great idea in case that it worked... because in case of failure the toy is put away and nobody knows what happened to it of course.

It has been now more than 12 hours since the 'idea' and the water tank is still full, there is no leak and the electronics are working perfectly fine!
Time to show off!!!

PS: The water level before was half way, just above the starfish. I wish that I had taken a picture before... maybe in 9 more years!


  1. I'm sitting here in the dark laughing, laughing and possibly crying at the same time!!! You are one funny lady, Ana:)

    1. Thanks Heilala! that´s what I like to hear...!

  2. Hahaha! So funny! These blogs make the most mundane things and activities seem sooo purposeful and even glamorous... Like out of a movie script! Ole!

    1. script? That's a great idea! I will start working on it, ha ha :-)
      Thanks for your nice comment.