Friday, 17 August 2012

'Bordeaux' dye...

We have been living in our home for over 12 years...and when we moved in, we had an old couple living just across the road. The Council bought their home because the creek behind their property was always flooding and some work had to be done to it to avoid future floods in the area.
The house was demolished, but before that, the old couple moved on leaving behind lots of unwanted stuff. It became a hobby of mine at the time to go across the road and look through the junk to see if there was anything interesting (of course any valuables had been taken away by them or their family) but I loved looking through the old books and things that I didn't even recognise as objects.
I ended up rescuing an old wall paper roll. I thought that was very cool, original from the 60's, right now I have no idea what happened to it... probably my husband got rid of it years ago and I never missed it. I also rescued three magazines that I thought were great because they were called 'The Australian womens weekly' and me being Spanish I thought that I could learn something about the culture here... well, the culture in the past...because the magazines were old and at the time I didn't know that I could actually buy these every month at the shops but I kept them anyway and still have them.

There was something else that also made it out of there before demolition day...some Dylon Bordeaux dye. It has been living in my loundry for the past 12 years and everytime that I have been looking for something there...the dye has been appearing as a reminder of my old neighbours. Of course, I could have thrown it away years ago because I never dye anything and I don't even know what 'bordeaux' color looks like... but I never did.
I am glad that I kept it because last week I went to get the baby's seat to fit it on the pushbike, and the material on the seat had lost the brightness and it looked sort of pink.

Since Zane is a boy and pink is usually associated with girls, I thought about the dye that has been sitting in the laundry for years waiting for an opportunity like this (at that time I didn't think that the dye could be as old as the magazines...) and I decided that whatever 'Bordeaux' color was... it will look good on that material...
I prepared the washing machine with hot water, I mixed the dye and threw in the seat cover. I had 30 minutes to wait...and somehow in that time I impulsively decided that a nice white shirt that I had will also look better in 'Bordeaux' so the shirt went in too.
30 minutes later I checked and obviously it needed more time because the seat cover and shirt look pink...I kept checking every 30 minutes over the next few hours... until I decided that it iwas not going to get any better. In fact it was getting worse because the material had now separated from the foam and the foam was starting to desintegrate...(the cover and the shirt still looked pink to me...)
I checked in google to see what 'bordeaux color' looked like and to my dismay it was sort of pink...! so I took everything out, no point to keep waiting.

I took few days to reflect... it has taken me 12 years to use this dye...and I still got it wrong! why didn't I check the color first? I don't know... but now I need a plan 'B' and normally all my plans 'B' involve the hot glue gun.
A phone call to Heilala that has nice materials, some reassurance from Aned and  practical advice from Sarah...and plan 'B' is taking shape!

I will post one day about the bike rides with Zane... I promise!

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