Thursday, 25 October 2012

Qué le compro al perro?

Hay veces que pienso que cada día soy más australiana...pero hay veces que me doy cuenta que no. Por ejemplo, mi perro come cosas con sabor a pollo o carne o verduras. Porque a mi me parece que darle estas cosas al perro es normal. A veces le compro alguna oreja seca de cerdo o huesos en el carnicero.
Pero la semana pasada con las prisas me equivoqué de bolsa. En lugar de coger una de ternera y una de pollo...salí de la tienda con una de ternera y una de canguro...
Pues que no hay manera de darle la comida al perro porque me da pena! y no es que pueda salvar al canguro porque el pobre ya está en la bolsa más seco que la una.
Yo me siento un poco presionada porque éste puede oler a través del plástico y se sienta delante del armario esperando a que yo me decida a abrir la bolsa...
Bueno, de hecho ahora que estoy escribiendo esto me doy cuenta que soy un poco irracional y que si no me importa dar ternera o pollo tampoco debería importarme la carne de canguro... a ver si mañana veo las cosas más a lo australiano.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Spanish girls in the kitchen

Lots of people assume that because I am Spanish I am a good cook... I am not sure where this comes from. Maybe because of the food markets that you can see everyday in spanish towns or because there are good restaurants and tapas bars everywhere in Spain (specially in the Vasc Country where most of the surfers go). But this should be a 'red flag'  on itself... look at how many spanish are in these bars eating everyday!... probably because spanish girls are not that good at cooking. Of course that it is part of the culture too, and bars are full of spanish that are catching up with friends. But there are other reasons too... most of us have grown up with 'help' in the house. That is a person  that comes to 'help' cleaning and cooking everyday... and spanish houses have a kitchen that it is 'away' from the living area (let's say that there is no 'open living') so meals are prepared out of sight for most of us as we grow up. I personally never had any interest in learning either, and this doesn't help but I have to say that although we always had 'help' in the house, my mum can cook really well.
I describe my cooking style as 'survival cooking' because I am not going to starve, but I don't have a 'signature dish' to impress anyone. If you want to eat paella in my house...make sure that Brocky is around to make it (he learnt from my mum...)
You may argue that not all the spanish girls are as bad in the kitchen as I am... I can only say: Maybe.
For example, the other day I went to a spanish friend's place for lunch, Elisa, she was cooking pizzas and I was bringing desert. Normally I would stop at a good bakery on the way to buy something but all the suddently  I wanted to I baked something; my third attempt at baking in the past ten years! I took a photo to show that sometimes when the planets are aligned the right way, I can bake.

There were four of them...but I didn't think to take a picture until I had eaten one and it tasted nice! the name of it according to my baking book is: 'Pear, chocolate and almond galette'.
What happened next made me feel very good and proud about my cooking. I arrived to Elisa's gave her the desert and with my best 'voice' I instructed: ...just need to be 5 minutes in the oven to warm up a bit and melt the chocolate. Handed over the plate and sat on the table outside like a good guest.
That's a photo of Elisa's interpretation of the 'warm up a bit' must be the Spanish blood in her!