Friday, 24 May 2013

Ready to go...and to walk!

It is happening, I am taking Zac & Zane to Spain on Monday!!!...well at least we 'start' going to Spain on Monday. We will get there when we get there...
I have been trying to get organised with the packing but so far no luck. All I seem to manage to do is write lists of things that I have to do but I find myself procrastinating all of the time... and I know when I am procrastinating because I start cleaning the house or re-arranging furniture...even worst: tonight, I thought that it was a REALLY good idea to start posting on this blog again even if I haven't posted anything for 6 months...(?) I think that you get the idea of how bad of a procrastinator I am.
I decided to take a picture of some of my 'lists'...that was a while ago because instead of retrieving it, I started organizing the 'my pictures folder' and this is another activity that smells fishy...there are pictures there from the lasts 15 months so I would never finish this task.
Lucky for me I had a moment of clarity and decided to come back to this post so I could finish it and keep going with the cleaning of the packing I mean!

But before I go; any tips of how to pack for 3 successfully? I give you some hints:
- In 4 weeks starts the summer season in Spain but last week was still snowing on the mountains
-We are going to be walking 100km+ in Galicia (the last stretch of El Camino de Santiago) and that includes pushing baby in a stroller.
-We are going to be surfing in the North of Spain but not taking any surfboards
-Zac wants to take all his skating gear...since he is not allowed to take his surfboard
-The first flight to Dubai is 14h20min non stop, then 3h in Dubai and 7h to Barcelona...the catch is that baby does not have a seat but he is too heavy for a bassinette... if the plain is full he will be on my lap (or on the lap of whoever sits next to Zac)
-Baby eats a lot...but not necessary inflight food
Where do I start???

I leave you with some of my lists and I will keep in touch through my travels with the boys over the next 6 weeks.

PS: Interesting detail in my diary
Saturday: packing.
Sunday: last minute packing...
It makes sense to me! :-)