Sunday, 23 February 2014

When everything else fails...follow the instructions

I never understood why some people can bother making their own pasta. It seems like a lot of work for something that you can buy at the shops for a couple of dollars... in saying that, I couldn't resist buying a pasta machine last year. All I can say is that it was at the right price and like every genuine Australian...I can't let go of a good deal. Next to the machine were also 'ravioli trays' and it made sense to buy one of these as well...
There is no need to say how long the pasta machine and the ravioli tray have been unopened in the cupboard...all I need to say is that today both have been put to good use, or at least to 'use' still debating if the use was 'good' or not.
I could carry on and tell you how easy and beautiful dinner I made...but instead I am here to warn you of the pitfalls of making your own ravioli... Well, maybe the pitfalls can be avoided by reading the instructions of how to make ravioli. I am not very good at that.

Pitfalls to avoid:

1- Do not talk on the phone to a friend for over 30 minutes in the middle of the 'pasta making process', you risk the pasta drying and looking like this

2-  Don't forget to put something (whatever the instructions says) on the ravioli tray so the pasta doesn't get stuck there... it is very hard to get the ravioli out of the tray in one piece and once are out they are half destroyed and looking awkward.


3- Do not use the last strip as a base for more ravioli...or you will be there staring at the half ravioli wandering what to do next

4- Under no circumstances boil the ravioli ...ever! otherwise, the filling comes out and the dish turns into a soup with pasta floating in it. I will find out how to replace this step and will let you know.


I hope that this post has inspired you to try and make your own ravioli one day... or maybe not.